Orthopaedic Technology    Certificate Program             



NHTI- Concord’s Community College Report 2011

Hi everyone:

                Well first of all I am excited to say that we are getting ready to graduate our 4th class on July 14, 2012. 14 students will be receiving their certificates and are eligible to sit for the August NBCOT exam.  Next year’s class is picked and ready to go.  Their orientation is July 12, 2012 and will be starting the program in early September.

                Another exciting bit of news is that we have recently been approved to start an Associate’s Degree in Health Science with a major in Orthopaedic Technology.  I am very proud of this one!  It will help many of the younger crowd, who may choose to continue their education at some point later on.

                We are obligated to continue to educate candidates in Orthopaedic Technology and help place them at wonderful offices and hospitals throughout New England for their final semester, clinical externship.  Thanks to you all who participate in this part of the program I think it is safe to say that all involved have found this relationship very beneficially for all parties.

                A big thank you goes out to NESOT for welcoming these students and holding such interesting and quality meetings. 

Respectfully submitted,

Susan M. Turcotte RTR, OTC

Orthopaedic Technology Program Coordinator

Associate Professor

NHTI- Concord’s Community College

31 College Drive

Concord, NH  03301

603 271-0497  fax 603 271-8570


2009 Class

    NHTI's 2nd class is in full swing and students are very eager and excited to learn.  There are 15 students this year and one from as far away as Wisconsin,  so come on NE if you know of anybody interested in learning about the greatest career in Orthopaedics send them my way.  There is on campus housing and discount tuition rates for the NE states!
    The results are also in on the first graduating class. 13 of 16 are now employed.  2 are training to be in the OR. Most important the success rate for passing the NBCOT boards are the best of any Ortho Tech school.  We are very proud!
     Thanks for all your continued support and we are proud to represent NE and we will continue to strive to make you all proud.
Respectfully submitted,
 Susan M. Turcotte
Orthopaedic Technology Program Coordinator
NHTI ( Concord, NH)


    The Orthopaedic Technology certificate program is an 11 month sequence of courses and labs that prepares students to work with orthopedic surgeons in a variety of health care environments.  This program provides the skills and knowledge needed to become a competent Orthopaedic Technologist performing the following services: routine office and departmental procedures and the ability to perform certain basic medical office functions; adjusting and removing casts, splints, and braces; setting up, adjusting, and maintaining fracture configurations; assisting with the care of acutely injured patients; and assisting the physician in the reduction and/or manipulation of orthopedic injuries.  Successful completion of the Orthopaedic Technology certificate program leads to eligibility for the National Board of Certified Orthopaedic Technologists certification exam.  Graduates are employed in hospitals, clinics, and private practice offices. 

2008 Class                                                                                                

    We are up and running!  We have 17 very eager and enthusiastic students  who are ½ way through the first semester and are loving every minute of it.  They have just started their surgery rotation at St. Joseph’s Hospital under the supervision of Mike Walton OTC, OT-SC, where they will be learning operating room protocols and hospital work and the hospital work of an OTC as well as at the Bedford Ambulatory Surgical Center under the supervision of Peggy Kelly, RN, OR supervisor where they will be observing outpatient Orthopaedic procedures.

    We will soon be accepting applications for next year go to www.nhti.edu  for more info or call Sue Turcotte OTC, RTR, Program Coordinator @ NHTI 603-271-0497.


    It is with great excitement that the Diagnostic Medical Imaging department announces the approval and acceptance of applications for the fall for their new certificate program – OTHOPAEDIC TECHNOLOGIST.

    This program will be led by program director, Susan Turcotte, RTR, OTC under the direction of Kevin Barry, department head of Diagnostic Medical Imaging.

     The mission of this program is to educate students in the care of orthopaedic patients concentrating on the art of casting and splinting.  Students will be specially trained to assist orthopaedic physicians in the care of patients with musculoskeletal injuries or conditions.  Upon completion of this program candidates will be prepared to take the national OTC ® exam offered through the National Board for Certification of Orthopaedic Technologists, Inc. (NBCOT)

    Anyone interested in this program, should contact either Susan Turcotte, sturcotte@ccsnh.edu or the department secretary, Susan Graham at 271-7159.


    NESOT  member and NAOT's secretary Sue Turcotte opens an Orthopaedic Technology Program right in our backyard! NHTI, Concord's Community College is offering a certificate program that starts this fall. Please check out the program by going to the websites www.nhti.edu or www.ccsh.edu for more information on this program. You can get a hold of Sue at sturcotte@tocnh.com. Email her and wish her great success!

    If you know anyone interested in becoming an Orthopaedic Technolgist, a brochure of  the program is available. Print off a copy and get the word out.